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I’m grateful for new beginnings and to everyone who encourages me to keep creating content.

Today I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and for this reason I will be publishing the first poem I ever wrote, it tells a short captivating story that potrays a picture of two characters, a male encaved, and an illuminated female that is both his bondage and his only chance of being rescued.

This was exactly two years ago when I decided to start writing, long before I started this blog of course. So here goes:


In a cloudy place, surrounded by a comforting darkness,
He’s shattered, distressed, alone, and filled with an engraving madness.

As he suffocates at the thoughts of being in his own space,
He turns around and sees her face, the stains of the one I cannot erase.

Her warm eyes in correlation with her golden stare,
She move towards him with the brightness of a light so rare,
Amazingly enlightening, he’s engrossed as it fills everywhere.

And the vision is so illuminating that it makes him blind,
But he opens his eyes as he starts to realize, this was all in his mind.

Thank you, till next time❤