5 Ways to Become Your Own Therapist


Every one has those days, especially when you have just gone through a terrible tragedy, perhaps you lost someone very close to you, or you shared in their pain during sickness before they died, or your life is just generally falling apart.

In my case it’s all of the above, trying to stay sane can be very difficult. I put together a list of things that I’ve been doing recently to help me through it, just in case anyone here is under the same pressure, allow me to share them with you.

1. Friends and Family:

You have to try to be around people who mean well for you, trust me, I battle a lot with communicating my feelings and when I lost my dad to Cancer last month,I felt like shutting my self out from everything and everyone.
My friends kept trying to be around me and I appreciate them for that and when I finally decided to open up and let them in, they really elevated me and it was helpful. Your friends might not always be able to relate with or understand exactly what you’re going through but talking to them and being around them is always better than being alone.

Then my brothers are just the best, they never make me feel like I’m alone, we are practically going through this together and I love them. So if you have any close family members, reach out to them.

2. Exercise:

There are a few things that I find therapeutic and one of them is to exercise. I know what you’re thinking – good ol’ Lazy Lizard doing exercises? Lol I was surprised too. There’s just something about stretching my body in the morning and challenging myself during workouts that’s uplifting, it generally helps me start my day. If you’re like me and you never considered exercising before, then this is definitely the time to try it.

3. Music:

Try updating your playlist, find new artists, listen to a new genre, be diverse. For me, doing my make up while listening to songs that help me communicate my emotions is helpful in a way that cannot be explained, sometimes you might get sadder but it helps to make you feel better. And if you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate music so much, this might not work for you, I’m sorry, but you can try number 4

4. Get a new Hobby:

Hobbies distract you, they take you away from depression, do things that naturally make you feel comfortable, do things that you have a passion for, it could be sports, make up, fashion, anything that makes you happy. You can learn a new craft like how to sew clothes or how to make shoes, something you can make money from. I like to read, so at times like this, I find new books from my favourite authors, or stuff that my friends recommend and it helps.

5. Stay positive:

It’s all you can do, encourage yourself, try new things. Nothing good comes out from being stuck in your sorrow, it just brings more sorrow, so why continue? Things will definitely take a different turn but it starts with you. It’s okay to cry on some days but the only way to get better is to stay positive, don’t forget to pray, and you’ll be on your way.

So while typing my conclusion, I’m starting to realise that this post is a lot similar to my how to deal with depression post from last year, it doesn’t matter though, so long as it’s helpful to someone, I’m happy.

I’m open to more suggestions, if you have anything to add to my lazy list, please feel free to do so in the comments, Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post❤