An instant guide to flawless makeup application


Let’s get real here people, there are a few makeup blunders such as foundation moving around, concealer creasing, false lash errors, overall unblendedness or that annoying lipstick stain on your front teeth!

An occurrence of any or all of these can really hinder your path to a good looking face beat.

Trust me, I’ve struggled with these things too and that’s why I decided to share my guide to a flawless makeup application with a few hacks here and there.

To achieve a flawless makeup look, here’s what to do;

Skin prep:

Some people think you can just skip this and jump right into foundation because “makeup has no rules“ If you’re in that group, the fact is, your makeup application can’t be flawless.

Look at it this way, before you take a test you prepare for it by reading, therefore It only makes sense that you prepare your skin for all the makeup it’s going to absorb. Depending on your skin type, after cleansing apply a good amount of moisturizer before primer if you have dry skin, if you have oily skin, apply moisturizer, a good mattifyer and then primer, if you have dry-oily combo skin then do both.

This way you’ll have a good base for your makeup and your foundation would definitely sit properly on your face.

Foundation and Concealer:

Now I understand that some of us like to use our hands to apply foundation and concealers and that’s okay, I do that sometimes too. But, you might want to try using brushes to blend and a tool like the makeup sponge for example. It is no doubt one of the best things of the decade, and if you still don’t own a makeup sponge what are you doing? It’s 2019! With the sponge, blending is easier, baking is even better, No I choose to believe that we all have makeup sponges okay, moving on.


This step is very essential, I don’t understand people who don’t bake, no matter how dewy you want to look, a little powder is needed. Applying setting powder right after blending your concealer can prevent it from creasing and leaving the powder to bake for a few minutes can help to prevent your face from getting oily quickly and if you have dry skin, don’t bake for longer than 5 minutes.

Brows,Lashes and Lipstick:

You cannot have a good makeup look with terrible brows, who cares if you’re late?please take your time to make them look good, the trick is to draw hair-like strokes, in the direction of how you brow hairs grow, don’t over-shade.

On days when you’re not doing anything dramatic on your eyes you might want to apply false lashes to make a statement, try using tweasers or a good lash applicator. Here’s a hack for when my false lashes are trying to stress me: I ditch them. Yes, apply a mascara on your real lashes and go about your day, if you don’t like your lashes then you can try getting lash extensions every once in a while.

Lastly, the lipstick thing. First make sure your lips aren’t dry, invest in a good lip balm, then use a lipliner to guide your application, then apply any lipstick of your choice.

To prevent the lipstick from staining your teeth when you smile, take a piece of toilet paper and wrap it around your index finger, make an ‘O’shape with your mouth and place your finger in between your lips, pull out the finger, as if to suck it, thereby wiping off the excess lipstick that might stain.

If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, please feel free to leave a comment, I’ll reply all. Thanks for stopping by❤️

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