A FEW INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT FEAR: Dealing with the Corona Virus Pandemic

Hi everyone, there is no right way to ease into this, so we’ll just go straight to the point. If you’re a living person, the fact is you have experienced fear before and if you are a living person reading this from wherever you are in the midst of the current situation of the planet, then there’s a chance that you are experiencing fear right now.

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My point is, this topic is something that everyone is familiar with because it is a feeling that we have all had. But there are some interesting facts about fear and how it affects you that some people are unaware of, and they are discussed below:

  • Google defines fear as “an unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined”. Which brings us to our first fact; Just as Faith is the expectation that something good is going to happen, Fear is the expectation that something bad is going to happen. They are both illusions, and I refuse to bore you with all the scientific explanation about the prefrontal cortex and the rising of cortisol levels and all of that chemical reaction stuff about what happens in your body to make you feel afraid, I’m no doctor. But just like aunty google said, that unpleasant emotion comes about when you perceive danger. Whether the threat is real or just something you conjured up in your head, fear happens as a result of your own perception and your own expectation that something dangerous is on the way, therefore fear starts with you.

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  • Fear always has a trigger: Even if your fear was imagined it was definitely triggered by something. Kids that are afraid of the imaginary monsters living under their bed were probably triggered by a scary story someone told them or by a movie or cartoon they watched. Now this might sound stupid, but I recently listened to the Ted Bundy tapes like the actual ones on the Netflix documentary “Conversations with a killer” and I started being afraid of staying home alone and being in the dark because you never know, someone else might have whatever demons possessed Ted Bundy or whatever psychological error the guy was dealing with, and decide they might just want to start hunting down women and they might just live around my neighbourhood, watching and waiting for the right time to attack LOL. It’s crazy but that was my trigger.

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  • Fear is good for you: The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a number of fears in different people, from fears of financial loss to the fear of getting sick or the fear of dying and my heart goes out to everyone who has been infected or have loved ones that have been infected or killed by this disease, I hope and I pray that you receive your healing wherever you are and you find positive ways to cope. But these fears have definitely caused people to be alert and cautious, everyone is taking their personal hygiene seriously now, people are now aware of the threat to their finances and are working in ways to adapt and better manage their spending, people are also taking this time to re-evaluate their businesses. And these are all positive things that have stemmed up from the fear that this pandemic brought.
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In order to deal with all of this and adapt to the new normal, I’m not asking anyone to go and conquer fear once and for all because we really don’t have the power to do that. We can seek a higher authority though, Jesus is our guy especially in times like this when we feel helpless so try reaching out to him, he’s there for you.


And lastly, embrace your fears by looking for positive things that you can do to grow as a result of it. You can read, exercise, learn a new language, get creative, organize, just engage yourself with stuff you never had time to do before.

Stay safe everyone.