How To Be More Self Confident

I think we can all agree that confidence, self love and self esteem are factors that set the stage for any form of progress or success in our human lives.

Your confidence level can determine whether or not you get the job you applied for, it can make or break your relationships with people and it can also set the standard for how much love and care you’ll be giving yourself.

Taking steps to boost your confidence is intrinsic in caring for your mental health and for living an overall productive lifestyle. Here are few steps to take to achieve this:

Practice Self love:

Your physical and psychological well-being depends on it. When you love yourself and are confident in who you are, you’ll be able to handle disappointments better and you’ll have a greater sense of self worth. You can practice self love by starting each day with positive self-talks, eating healthy, doing the things that naturally make you happy and surrounding yourself with people who encourage you.


If you read this blog I’m sure you must be tired of hearing this by now, but exercising is important, it gives you more motivation and energy to do other things, it helps to relieve stress and is a huge confidence booster. You can do workouts to focus on areas of your body that you want to build, shape or tone whatever it is, depending on your capacity please don’t overdo.

Take Risks and Challenge yourself:

It is very easy to look at other people’s lives and think everyone is doing better than you, but when you take the time to focus on your abilities, your interests, push yourself to do something that scares you. You’ll find that making accomplishments no matter how little will increase the confidence you have in yourself. Remember it’s a process, allow yourself to make mistakes but make sure you learn from them.

Help others:

By setting goals for your life and making significant progress towards achieving them, you’re probably already becoming an inspiration to people around you. Playing a positive role in other people’s lives, be it your family, friends, community and so on, helps to make you feel good about yourself which in turn builds your confidence.

And that’s today’s lazy list, I hope it was helpful. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments. Thank you so much for stopping by❤️