Zero Foundation Neutral Makeup look

9-03-18,Hey beutiful people, Lazy lizard here.So i just want to ask,Who else struggles with those mornings where you get up so late that you don’t have the time to do a full face beat and still make it early enough for an outing or it could be a presentation or an office meeting or a very serious conference, date night with bae or a family get together. Don’t worry queens, I’ve got you covered.Today I want to show you how I achieve a flawless no foundation natural make up look, in less than 10 minutes.And sorry guys, but in the spirit of International women’s Day I’m doing a beauty post, of course y’all are important too. LolLadies, Let’s begin.1. Draw your brows:Ditch all the many brushes and products for now and start by drawing your brows as you know how.wantThen highlight it, it is advisable to use a concealer that is very close to your skin tone so that you can blend it out easily. Try cleaning out excess concealers with face wipes if possible.2. Secret ingredient: Coconut OilI can’t begin to tell you all the benefits that coconut oil will give your skin. It is very essential if you want this look to be flawless, but only a very little quantity is needed I mean like one drop very little.Apply using a wet beauty blender, all around your face. It should look alot like this,I repeat apply VERY LITTLE! We don’t want the face looking all oily after you step out.3. Powder it up:Get a brush that is convenient for you and dab in your face powder, dab on more and more until your whole face is fully covered.Then powder contour and raise those cheek bones4. Blush all you want:These days my favourite part of make up is applying blush on my cheeks, it generally gives you a nicer smile.5. Add finishing touches :By this I mean highlighter, mascara and lipglos. Eyeshadow and false lashes is not necessary for this look as it would take more of your time6. Slay that face:I hope you enjoyed my lazy tutorials as much as I enjoyed creating it. Drop comments on your thoughts and suggestions and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this.I will also be answering any questions that you might have in the comments section too.Love you all and Bye for now❤❤