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5 ways to beat depression


Yes depression,

It has been almost a year since my last post, lol even I can’t believe it’s been that long but lets face it guys, I wouldn’t be your LAZY LIZARD if I did’nt go on some long meanless break somewhere and constantly deprive myself the fun of creating new content right?

But thats not the whole truth. Today i want to talk about how since these past months I completely shut myself down on the inside, didn’t want to do anything, didn’t want to meet anyone, didn’t want to go anywhere, on some days I did not even want to wake up from sleep! . And it’s not because I was sick or anything like that No, I let myself slide into depression.

How did it start? No one ever has the answer to that question because alot can happen within one year, And because I’m not so much of an open person, I kept most of it to myself so…

Depression didn’t get me, I got depressed.

Here are a few ways I think helped me get over it,


One of my favourite actors/activists of all time is Will Smith and he said “fault”and “responsibility” are two separate things. And like I said before, alot of things can happen, so it’s not your fault that you are not where you want to be financially but it is your responsibility to get there and it’s not your fault that you added some extra weight that you didn’t want but it’s your responsibility to work towards loosing it. It’s not your fault that your partner cheated, but it is your responsibility to let it go and choose how you want to be happy with or without them and not let anything weigh you down.

So whatever happened, the first step is to realise that it’s not your fault and take up the responsibility to change it.


Now I know this part can be hard, especially if you’re like me, the introverted type. But look around you, you’re not alone, there’s always that close family member or that close friend or partner that can relate. It’s never healthy to keep bad emotions locked away because one day it’ll get full and you’ll blow up. And pray, Talk to God about your problems and let Him help you conquer them, you’ll be suprised at the level of Joy that comes from being in His presence.


Yeah, this is not the time to shut down, it’s the time for you to go back to doing those things you love or used to love, you might be feeling intimidated by your mates with what they have and have been privileged to achieve so why not chanel that hidden talent that YOU have and just build it, let it thrive.

I used to love writing so I started again with poems then short stories, I think I would be posting some of my best work here 😊 so you all can help me improve. I also love art and makeup so I started doing it, I just love how I can add to someone’s confidence by giving them a new look.

So Hey, you love clothes? then start a fashion line, you can make alot of money from that. You like Music? how about you learn how to make it, be a producer. You have always dreamed of being a top high fashion model, walking that runway and killing it? Then work towards getting registered with an agency that can get you there. You love to write and create? Start a blog, there are no limits to what you can achieve so please find yourself. It’s a win-win.


You have to take your time, the healing process is never fast or easy but remember you’re not alone. On one of those days when you start to feel sad again, just pick up your phone and start to reply those messages, accept those invites, from little coffee and doughnut break fasts to those lovely lunch or dinner hangout with your friends, Just go. Sitting at home and alone is not always the best option.


There are definitely going to be days where the wound opens up again after you thought it had healed but don’t beat yourself up, don’t stress, just continue to try. Better days are here.

I hope you enjoyed my lazy list😊 but most of all I hope it was helpful. Let me hear your thoughts on this post in the comments section.

Thanks alot for stopping by.