The Easiest DIY styles for Box Braids

Ideas on the different ways to style box braids are endless, depending on the purpose or the occasion.

Apart from it being a protective style for your natural hair, another perk of getting box braids done is the ability to be versatile with fun and playful ways to wear them in, it’s never boring. You can have a different style for each day of the month!

My go to, easy to do, DIY styles for box braids include the following:

1. Sleek bun:

Just like you would achieve a sleek bun hairstyle with your natural hair, the same thing applies to braids. Whether you have a killer makeup look on that you would like to show off or maybe it’s just too hot in the day to have those braids all up in your face, or you need all the attention to be on your outfit. Whatever the case may be, the sleek back style will never disappoint you.

2. Side swept:

This is a cool way to make your braids look chic and sexy without making it look like you tried, because you actually didn’t lol. Simply arrange all the strands of your braids to one side of your face. It’s that easy.

Pro Tip: this is not necessary but if you want, you can use bobby-pins to hold down some braid strands at the back so that it can stay on the side you want.

3. Half up horns:

This is a very playful style that gives a fun and cute vibe to your look. Pack the top part of your braids into two separate sections with a parting in the middle.

4. High ponytail:

I saved the best for last. This is a trendy way to look fun and youthful in braids. Everyone loves a high pony, it gives you an automatic face lift and who doesn’t want a face lift lol. It’s very easy to do and it’s achievable in under 2 minutes!

And there you have my top 4 go to styles for box braids. We have come to the end of this lazy list. I hope it made sense to someone, I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading ❤️