How To Become More Attractive

Let’s get right down to the business of today guys, I wanted to share a few lifestyle tips that I’ve learnt on how to become a more attractive person.

There are some people who are just so appealing to the mind, I’m telling you, they are so pleasant to look at, when they walk in the room they turn heads and their entire demeanor just screams “charisma!”. If you fall into this category, and you’re reading this post, Hi, shout out to you, I’m about to spill your secrets, *smiley face emoji*

And if you honestly feel like you’re not part of the above mentioned group of people or you feel like you could do better, then Hello to you too, this post is for you.

First of all, I don’t know what products attractive people use on their skin okay? and I can’t tell you where they get their clothes, or how much their perfumes cost, but these simple tips will help you focus on you:

  • The first rule: Stress is the enemy. In whatever form, emotional, physical, mental. If you have a stressful job, you’ll need to take out a few hours, could be on the weekend, to just relax your mind, turn off your phone, go to the spa, get a massage, and if that seems a little too luxury then stay home, watch a movie, prepare your favorite meal, get enough sleep, just do what naturally helps you relax, you don’t have to wait until your body breaks down and you fall sick before you rest. It’s the first step to glowing from within, living an anti-stressful life, you should try it.
  • Exercise and stay hydrated: Exercising helps to keep you in shape, boosts your confidence, helps you stay healthy, etc. and it’s not a myth, drinking water contributes to better health which in turn helps you feel and look good. Need I say more?
  • Compliment other people: It’s not your world and the rest of us are living in it, no, you don’t have to be so self-absorbed all the time. Saying nice things to other people or helping out in anyway makes them see you in a more positive light, which makes you feel good about yourself.

That’s it for today guys, I hope my lazy tips made sense to someone. If you have any helpful tips to add, I would love to hear it in the comments. Thank you so much for reading.