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Work From Home Makeup Routine

So you need to attend that zoom meeting and you want to look good without making it look like you tried or maybe you’re just sitting around the house, working but still feel like looking pretty, then I have the perfect makeup hack for you.

fashion girl makeup paint

This makeup is so subtle and natural looking that it doesn’t have to just be a work from home routine. If you’re someone who loves to have on a natural makeup face, then it is the perfect no makeup-makeup look that can easily become your everyday routine.

Enough talk, let’s get into the steps that are essential to achieving this look:

Skin work:

This is the most important aspect of the routine. You don’t always need to have flawless skin to achieve a good natural makeup look, you should absolutely take care of your skin but having imperfections should not limit you. You can use as many products as you want but the trick to getting the best natural looking base is to apply each of them very lightly. Apply in this order: moisturizer – primer – very light foundation – very light concealer – very light powder – light bronzer and light blush.


I normally apply the cream/liquid products with my hands and the powder products with a brush. This helps to give the look a more natural finish as opposed to using a beauty blender or blending with brushes.


Your eyebrows for this look are to be as natural as possible. If you’re like me and you don’t have any eyebrow hairs, then be sure to fill them in lightly, use a brow gel and highlight with concealer, see my BROWS 101 post for further reference. But if you have fuller brows, you can just skip to laying down your hairs with a brow gel and light concealer underneath.



I personally don’t use any eye-shadows for this look, but if you want to, you can. I recommend nude and brown shades. Also, if you’re confident in your natural eyelashes, then use one or two layers of mascara and you’re good to go. And if you feel like spicing up the look a little, you can also apply a pair of light weight falsies. It all depends on your preference.


Most of the time I just go over my bare lips with clear gloss, but depending on your mood, or your preference or maybe you might want to take a few pictures for the gram later, then you can throw in any lip color you like.


Finishing touches:

I don’t see the point of applying a highlighter to this look because your skin would definitely have some shine to it since this makeup look is dewy. However, I recommend using a liquid highlighter before you apply your foundation to give you that extra glow, my go-to products for this are the Nuban Beauty Liquid Highlighter and Melanie Mills Gleam Body Radiance.

D'GLOW Liquid Highlighter | Nuban Beauty

Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Rose Gold | Frends ...

You can also use a makeup fix spray or dewy setting spray to help your makeup stay in place the whole day, but it’s not compulsory. Pro tip: cover up little bumps or pimples on your face with dark brown eye-shadow to fake freckles or beauty spots.


That’s it for today’s post guys, please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thank you so much for reading.